Does membership of ICIM give me a better image than that of IBCMT?

IBCMT and ICIM are two different entities. IBCMT is the examining and certifying board for Clinical Metal Toxicology. It does not primarily teach, although it assists in advising and setting up teaching organizations. ICIM is an organization that teaches Integrative Medicine. ICIM may conduct IBCMT approved workshops, preparing for the Board Certification.

Examples of IBCMT -approved teaching organizations are: ICIM in the USA, AUSCAM in Australia, the Hong Kong Foundation for Biomedical Research on Toxic Metals, the Indonesian Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (IACAM), the Philippine College of Integrative Medicine, and NZCTA in New Zealand.

An educational organization is not supposed to be mixed up with an examining and certifying body, such as IBCMT. The conflict of interest is too obvious.