The workshops are organized by organizations such as ICIM in the USA, AUSCAM in Australia, IACAM in Indonesia, MTM (Germany), NZCTA in New Zealand, The Hong Kong Foundation for Biomedical Research on Toxic Metals, and ISSMTCT (India). However, the examinations are always conducted under the auspices of IBCMT. (I.e. the president of the examining committee, or his delegate needs to be present. A delegate is a fully qualified FCMT, not belonging to the organizing organization).


On completion of all requirements, physicians are awarded Board Certification as Clinical Metal Toxicologist (FCMT).


It is very important to keep the teaching and accreditation as separate entities. This is an accepted and expected format in medical academia. Board certification is an essential part of medical practice, demonstrating to any medical or political organization that you have attained such knowledge of the subject that you have been able to pass an examination, written and oral, that certifies this knowledge. More and more patients are seeking the care of those Board Certified physicians as a marker of that physician’s ability and knowledge. This reassures patients and colleagues of your professional and ethical standards.


Requirements for IBCMT Workshop Approval


In order to participate in an IBCMT written or oral exam, a candidate has to attend an IBCMT- approved workshop.

A(n) (teaching) organization, which wishes to conduct such a workshop, is invited to direct a request for approval to the IBCMT chairman, preferably at least six months in advance.

This request should include:


The names and qualifications of the speakers


The subjects of the lectures


The expected attendance


Speakers may also be assigned by IBCMT, if needed.


Approved workshops will dedicate at least 6 lectures to basic teaching of Clinical Metal Toxicology.


Advanced teaching of Clinical Metal Toxicology does not need IBCMT approval, as long as first-time participants will not take the written exam. However, IBCMT encourages this advanced teaching and will be happy to advise in selection of teachers and subjects. Participants of an advanced workshop may take the oral test if they have attended an IBCMT-approved teaching workshop, no longer than 1 year ago.


Participants, preparing for the written test, need to purchase a recent or an updated edition of the IBCMT protocol at least 3 months prior to the workshop, in order to qualify for the written or oral test. Exceptions need to be discussed with the Chairman.


Reimbursements, fees.

IBCMT-assigned speakers do not charge a fee for lecturing.

The organizing committee will pay for lodging and food of the IBCMT speakers.

Speakers are exempt from admission fee.

The organizing committee is expected to consult with IBCMT about reimbursement of travel expenses.

In addition, IBCMT will collect 10% of the admission fees.

Information of the examination fees is available from our treasurer at treasurer@ibcmt.com