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Red Star Open Education Database – Health and Medical Sciences OpenCourseWare Page

OEDb.org       also       http://oedb.org/open/subjects/health-medical/


Invitation to IBCMT Members

My name is Xavier Gray and I am a researcher of Open Education Database oedb.org. 

Over the years, we’ve built a comprehensive OpenCourseWare (OCW) portal featuring courses from leading universities in an array of topics.


I stumbled upon your site, ibcmt.com/WebPage-BulletinBoard.html and I wanted to share our specially curated Health and Medical Sciences OCW page that I thought may be of interest to you and I believe that these types of information is very valuable to the readers of your site.


Feel free to view it here: http://oedb.org/open/subjects/health-medical/


Kind Regards,



University Accreditation, Financial Aid, and Online Learning Resources


Our organization recently published several guidebook resources for students seeking post-secondary information. University accredited, financial aid, and flexible learning paths including online degree-granting universities. Our guidebooks are expert driven, heavily researched, in-depth, yet easy to use with our on page navigation to get you to the content you need quickly. All of our resources are no-cost and can be accessed by anyone here:


Accredited Online Colleges:



Financial Aid:



You can read a little more about our organization below. Our mission is to get these free community education resources into the hands of students.


Thank you,

Dan Schuessler

Chief Affordability Officer

Affordable Colleges Foundation



About Us:

Affordable Colleges Foundation came to be in 2011 with the mission to provide strategies and information about pursuing an affordable higher education. Our free community resources and tools span topics such as financial-aid and college savings strategies, affordability and scorecard rankings, opportunities for Veterans and people with disabilities, and online learning resources. We have been featured by nearly 500 top universities in the United States, Canada, and the UK along by several many state and local government organizations.



Red Star Chelation Nation



One of my patients, a former biologist, was diagnosed with MS but really had Lyme and gadolinium toxicity. She is now recovering and put together an awesome Web Site geared towards educating patients. The Web site is very well done.