Written exam

The International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology will offer medical doctors and naturopaths from all over the world to obtain a limited certificate in clinical metal toxicology. This will be the first step to become a fully qualified Fellow of Clinical Metal Toxicologist (FCMT)

To become eligible to take this exam we request you to comply with the following:


  1. You will have to purchase and study ‘The Textbook of Clinical Metal Toxicology’. This textbook is written by P.J. VanDerSchaar, MD, PhD, FCMT et al.


The textbook contains over 600 A4 pages and covers most toxic metals and chelating agents, both synthetic and natural ones; and Protocols for detoxification. Furthermore, you will find a lot of information regarding supplementation.  We would be happy to send you a summary of its contents.

The textbook costs 100,- Euro + shipping. Shipping within Europe is 15,- Euro, outside Europe 30,- Euro. This book may be ordered in English or French.

Please, send an email to order the book to Dr. Pahlplatz, treasurer: treasurer@ibcmt.com   At the same instant, please state your birth date, type of medical or paramedical training and  certificate, and profession..


  1. Written examination will be offered at either:
  2. An IBCMT workshop
  3. At the IBCMT Headquarters, in Leende, the Netherlands
  4. An On-line examination.


Either exam will cost 100 Euro. If you would submit the money, please  adjust the 100 Euro

into your local currency. For transfer of the money PayPal is preferred. VISA will also be possible.

  1. IBCMT-approved workshop will be held at irregular intervals, all over de world. They will be announced in the www.IBCMT.com website.  Usually ,  oral examination will be offered  as well.
  2. The same situation will be available at the clinic of Peter J. VanDerSchaar, chairman, in the Netherlands. This remains an exception, if circumstances dictate this.
  3. The On-Line examination


The On-line examination.

The test will be offered in Windows or Mac-version.


The online examination is a multiple choice test with 150 questions and 4 possible answers.

Once you start the exam you have exactly 120 minutes to complete the test.

Please,  mouse-click  an answer, otherwise you will not proceed  to  the next question. Within the allotted time for one question, correction of your answer is still possible.

Unfortunately, there is no skipping  back to previous questions, so once you choose an answer the list will move forward to the next question.


There are several categories of questions:

  Points: Number: Total Points:
a) history of chelating agents 1 5 5
b) chemistry 2 20 40
c) toxic metals 3 20 60
d) trace elements 3 10 30
e) chelating agents 4 25 100
f) protocols 4 10 40
g) laboratory analysis 3 20 60
h) adjunctive health measures 3 15 45
i) miscellaneous 4 25 100
Total 150 440  



After these 150 questions you will be presented a patient  case.

This is an open-answer questionnaire. It is worth 60 points.

So the grand total is 500 points.

Rating of your score.

Depending of your score, you have either  failed, or  being qualified for B/CMT (basic), or C/CMT (candidate) clinical metal toxicologist.

We will notify you of your result within three days after the test, because the open question needs also to be rated.


Becoming an IBCMT Member

In case of passing the test you will need to become an IBCMT member to receive the certificate.

After establishing your membership, we will send to you either:

  1. the certificate of B/CMT: Basic Clinical Metal Toxicologist. The validity of this certificate is 2 years .
  2. the certificate of C/CMT. The validity of this certificate is 3 years


Expiration of qualification.

If the validity of your C/CMT qualification has expired, and you are not ready to take the oral examination, you need to take the same test again. Failing to do so, IBCMT will qualify you then as a Basic Clinical Metal Toxicologist, B/CMT, provided that you remain an IBCMT member. Otherwise your certificate is void.

In order to become the fully qualified Fellow of Clinical Metal Toxicologist,  FCMT,  you will also pass an oral test.


Failing the test.

If you fail the test, there is no minimum time before you may be able to do the test again. Please contact our treasurer Dr. Pahlplatz (treasurer@ibcmt.com).