The validity of your certificate may have expired. We would like to remind you of our regulations regarding re-certification, which you may also find on this Web site page.


(F)CMT’s, or (M)CMT who fail to re-certify after 5 years, need to step down to C/CMT status and can obtain FCMT or MCMT status again, any time that the re-certification requirements are fulfilled.


C/CMT’s who fail to do that for another 5 years need to step down to B/CMT status, where they can either stay for another 2 years before being removed from IBCMT status, or take the full written test to be upgraded again to C/CMT, and so on to FCMT again.


To facilitate re-certification for FCMT or MCMT, you may take a written test that we will forward to you and submit 2 patient charts completed according to IBCMT standards. Depending on the outcome your certificate will be extended.


To facilitate re-certification for C/CMT, you may also take the written test at home, but no patient charts are required.


B/CMT’s can only upgrade to C/CMT by attending a workshop and take the appropriate test.


Please adhere to these rules in order to remain certified and registered with IBCMT. Do not let your certification expire for which you have worked so hard!