Written and Oral examinations are usually administered during conferences and workshops. We realize this places a great burden on our Members, so IBCMT President Peter Van Der Schaar has developed a more convenient way to take the IBCMT Written Exam On-Line.

To acquire the CT (Clinical Metal Toxicologist) status a candidate has to take two tests:

  1. The Full Written Knowledge test. This test consists of approximately 150 questions, concerning the material of the Textbook of clinical Metal Toxicology and some related issues. Passing the test is awarded with the C/CMT (Candidate Clinical Metal Toxicologist) certificate. Passing the test is awarded with a temporary certificate which allows the applicant to start practicing Clinical Metal Toxicology under guidance of IBCMT. The applicant will appear on the Web site of IBCMT as Candidate Clinical Metal Toxicologist (C/CMT)

Validity 3 years.

Required reading Textbook of Clinical Metal Toxicology


  1. The Oral examination


38250038 – black graduation cap with degree isolated on white background.