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All relevant information about clinical metal toxicology is found in this 600 A4 pages textbook in two volumes. It incorporates both theoretical and practical knowledge gathered over more than 35 years of clinical experience.

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After studying all aspects regarding clinical metal toxicology it is time to implement several new diagnostic and treatment modalities in your daily practice. It is possible to visit colleagues who are fully qualified.

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Online Exam

To become a fully qualified clinical metal toxicologist (FCMT) it is required to pass a written and oral exam. The written exam can be done online. The oral exam can be taken during a conference or through a Skype session.

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IBCMT is the International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology established in 1994 as IBCT.

The purpose of the International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology is:

To define and establish the qualifications to be required of licensed physicians and equivalents for International Certification as Board Certified persons in the field of Clinical Metal Toxicology and any other field that may be assumed by this Board.

To require all applicants to submit evidence that they meet all established requirements for licensed physicians, or their equivalents, particularly with regard to administering intravenous treatments.

To authorize and approve training seminars in accordance with the bylaws, necessary for Board Certification in Clinical Metal Toxicology.  To conduct examinations in conformity with the Bylaws of this Board.

To issue documents of Board Certification in International Clinical Metal Toxicology to each of those candidates who are qualified.


Dear friends

I have spent more than 30 years with IBCMT, trying to give it a structure, appearing on workshops, streamlining the exams and certifications, writing the protocols and the Textbook, and doing everything possible to make IBCMT an International Organization. I have met many nice people, all over the world, and I thank you for all your friendships and cooperation.

I want to thank Peter Jennrich for stepping in for a while.

Peter J. van der Schaar,

president IBCMT

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This bible of clinical metal toxicology is the teaching book for medical doctors and naturopaths.

It covers all aspects regarding toxic metals: Discussed are all necessary elements, toxic metals, chelating agents, provocation tests, treatment options, laboratory tests, nutriceuticals, and many more.